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1 inch faux wood blinds matches with all types of decor

Market is full of different options of window treatment which can add elegance to any home. Wood blinds are one of the most attractive and effective options available. But these units are expensive and not affordable to all. Thus faux wood units are getting more popular as they are more affordable than and as effective as real wood units. 1 inch faux wood blinds offer more traditional look to any décor. They are perfect for windows with shallow depth and for doors where lever handles might get in the way of 2 inch blinds. They are made of synthetic material and hence they offer easy maintenance and care.

1 inch faux wood blinds are best for French doors and small windows. Most home owners prefer these units for various reasons though price usually tops the list. They resist warping, splitting and cracking in the environment of high moisture or high humidity. They work in any rooms including bathroom, garages, kids play area and kitchen. They are easy to clean and repel dust. They do remarkable job of mimicking real wood. These units can be richly stained or painted. They usually are available in same stain as the most furniture making it easy to blend with your existing décor. The 1" slat comes with a typical classic 2" valance.

Faux wood is eco friendly as no tree is cut to make these decorative units. The 1 inch faux wood blinds offer clean-lined design that works well with virtually any room design. They can be easily cleaned and are durable and highly resistant to outside elements. They work wonders during summer to block the sunlight. They look great as they are constructed using a concoction of vinyl polymers and real particles or composites of wood. Not only are they cost effective but highly durable requiring less or no replacements. These window dressings are stain resistant and can be cleaned easily by using cleaning solution and water is available in different options from simple to stylish.

1 inch faux wood blinds

1 inch faux wood blind is available in different options ranging from basic to deluxe. Depending on your budget and style preference you can select the best option. Levolor founded in 1914 and synonymous to with the 1" mini-blind remains the most recognized name in custom window coverings today. Their slats are finished with largest array of stains, paints, textures in the market. They offer variety of stain woods to match any décor.

1 inch faux wood blinds are practical for small windows which are cost effective and economical alternative to real wood blinds.