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2 faux wood blinds look good and last long

There are many alternatives to decorate your windows. Wood blinds have always been most popular with homeowners and interior designers. But these units can be quite expensive especially if you are planning to use them in number of windows. To make it more affordable many manufacturers are offering faux wood options. They offer varied slate sizes. 2 faux wood blinds are amongst the most common slat size which is used for all window types. They are made of vinyl or composite wood. Depending upon your style and budget they are available in many options from simple to deluxe.

These blinds consist of cords, mounts, wand, decorative tape and slats. These units are made to withstand extreme temperatures and will not warp, stain or crack. They can handle moisture and humidity. 2 inch faux wood blinds have slats that are removable which makes cleaning them easy. They offer 75 to 95% UV protection and needed privacy. These window dressings have anti static properties to repel dust. They feature realistic wood grain texture with embossed finish. It comes with free 3 inch crown valance. This gives extra privacy to your room as when shut no light can filter in. They are available in wide range of colors and designs to suit most home and office décor.

Levolor offers best when it comes to faux wood blinds. There line up includes Nuwood composite faux which is heat, scratch and moisture resistant. It has quality construction and is highly durable. They are available in 2 inch slat size. The other type is Vision faux wood which is moisture resistant. It is economical as compared to Nuwood and is available in 2 and 2-1/2 inch slat size. These units can withstand moisture and humidity and hence they are ideal for bathroom, kitchen and garages. The grain and finish of these window dressings blend with the existing furniture finish of most home. They offer great choice when it comes to valance as they are available in traditional and modern style. They also have wand and cord tilt option. They give a complete window treatment package to make their customers enjoy the style and functionality of these units for their maximum benefit.

2 faux wood blinds just look like real wood ones but have the additional benefit of being washed and is unaffected by humidity. They are available in wide range of colors and textures. These units conform to child safety guidelines. While measuring these units care should be taken that they will be hanged on the inside or the outside of the window frame. With all specifications you can take accurate measurements. These units have been around for a while and options available now are much better than it used to be.