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Aluminum mini blinds offer style with affordable price

Window treatments definitely enhance the look of any home. The best inexpensive alternative is aluminum mini blinds. They are perfect for all those who want to have an instant makeover and are tight on budget. They are cost effective, durable and stylish way to cover any windows in your home. These window dressings can blend with any décor type and are built for years of dependability. They are easy to maintain and regardless of humidity. They are available in wide range of colors and sizes. These units are best suited for RVs. They offer complete privacy and light control.

These window treatments are available in different sizes. The mini ones usually have 1 inch slat and the aluminum micro blinds are ½ inch wide. These units can easily bend and hence it is important to buy ones that are made from 6 and 8 grades aluminum, which makes them of high quality. Cleaning these units is difficult and it is preferable to use static charged duster. Special care should be taken as not to push the dust onto the cords running through these units. Blind Chalet has 25 years of experience in selling and installing these units. They have mini blinds that will fit any decorating style and budget. Their products offer high quality, durability and right styling. All their blinds are backed by limited lifetime warranty.

Aluminum mini blinds provide low cost and durable solution to your window treatment problem. The 1 and 2 inch aluminum mini blinds are available in plethora of colors including soft suede, metallic, brushed and more. The 1 inch slat blinds are perfect for privacy and best suited for offices. They deliver sophisticated and stylish look with textures ranging from simple to luxurious. The 2 inch units provide better sun control and the view outside. The 1 inch units are called mini ones and the 2 inch units are the standard size. These units are available in 6, 8 and 9- gauge aluminum.

Aluminum mini blinds are available in wide range of colors and sizes. The latest ones come with glossy colors and finishes. They are perfect any preferred by many as they fit into any budget. They allow good ventilation and let you control the amount of sunlight coming in your room as they are equipped with standard cord and control wand. They offer the needed privacy. They are easy to install and maintain and have evolved over the years. These window dressings are light weight and are easy to use. They look much prettier in comparison to standard sizes.

If you are looking out for aluminum mini blinds internet is the best option. There are many online shops selling various colors and types of these units. With such wide options available and tough competition amongst manufacturers you can expect good price discount. Buying from suppliers and wholesalers dealers is definitely cheaper than buying from retail shops. Select blinds have blinds made from 90% recycled material which are eco friendly and the most durable blinds available. With all the available options you are sure to find one that will meet all your needs.