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Ambria roman shades are simple but stylish

Indulge yourself with sophistication, a look of significance and brilliance and elegance of Ambria roman shades. They are the best way to cover any window opening. They are available in wide spectrum of designs, color and sizes. The design and make are very important to keep any shades long lasting and functional. They blend with classic and contemporary needs of any home décor. These units deliver upscale look which is distinctive. Each product has its own trait, character and color that affect its appearance and durability. They have simple structure yet an attractive appearance. They are reliable, functional and durable.
Ambria roman shades are versatile and available in wide spectrum of colors and fabric types. They add great aesthetic appeal to the window on its own without any additional coverings. It bestows fascinating look and enhances the appeal for the entire room. They are adaptable to all types of windows and hence counted as exceptional home décor accessory. Only high quality fabric is used to provide best durability and functionality. You can lift or lower them as per your need with the help of strong light weighted wooden rods inserted into the folded fabrics. When pulled up they provide stunning series of horizontal folds and when lowered they feature beautiful soft window treatment. They create equal folds when shades are pulled up.

Ambria roman shades simply give a soft appearance and add warmth to any room. They are great substitute for drapes. The simple elegance provides clean and uncluttered look. They are available in printed and plain design that bestows luxurious look to the entire room. They are known for adding great spontaneity and catalyze intrinsic beauty. It provides complete protection from intensive sunshine. It provides good ventilation with soft, airy and light fabric with which these shades are made. These units have easy installation which requires some tools in advance. All they need is simple mounting brackets. It works as smoothly as a roller blind since it uses the clutch chain lift system to make it rise and fall.

ambria roman shade

Ambria roman shades offer unique window dressing which allows you to enjoy high level of privacy. They are available in different materials including synthetic such as plastic or vinyl and natural like bamboo. Black has always been a popular choice but there are other vibrant colors to add appeal to any decor. White or a muted color like pale blue adds spaciousness to a room. They can brighten and add elegance to any room. With the type of fabric you choose you can control the degree of privacy and light. They are very easy to maintain as only occasional vacuuming is required to eliminate the dust. This makes them favorite with many homeowners.

The different styles and types of Ambria roman shade include many varieties with wide range of price spectrum. The top quality ones range from $300-$350 which completely insulates the window thus helps to cut down on the heating costs. A little cheaper ones which are made of premium silk costs around $250- $300. They come with white polyester privacy lining. Other popular designs include their day and night antique pearl shades which has easy operation and installation. If you are looking for adding tranquility then go for Ambria Rangoon green tea colors roman shades. They cost $30-40 and can have inside or outside mount. Most of the homeowners require standard size that is usually about 31 inches with a 17 inch drop. They are one of the best choices you can make for your window treatment no matter whatever style you choose.