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Bali blinds - A trusted name in the world of window treatments

People all over the world have been opting for Bali blinds and window treatments for their homes since 1939. They have made a name for themselves with their high quality products and prompt and efficient after sales service. They have a vast product line and customers can easily find something that matches their style of home décor. Their blinds include cellular shades, wooden blinds, faux wood blinds, fabric blinds, vinyl blinds, mini blinds, roman shades, etc. They have all types of patterns from modern to traditional, abstract to geometric and numerous different colors. They also have a range of DIY blinds that are easy to install and can be done without the help of a professional.

They have given considerable thought to all aspects of blinds. They have cordless blinds which are perfect for homes with pets and children. This variety removes the fear of accidental strangulation. In addition if you have blinds from before 2001 and they are the corded variety, Bali blinds gives you a retrofit kit for free. This kit enables you to convert your corded blinds to cordless. If you are concerned about your electricity bills you should definitely look into Bali’s cellular blinds. They are available in several different fabrics and colors ensuring that you find the right style and of energy efficient blinds for your home. The cellular design promises high energy efficiency and sound absorption. Since you can choose from four different opacities you have total control of the light coming from outside. If you are concerned about your privacy you can use the bottom up/top down option. Independent testing has revealed that Bali’s Midnight cellular fabric features an insulating design that makes it very energy efficient.

What users have to say about Bali Blinds:

Bali Blinds has a large portfolio of satisfied customers. They are said to have a fresh and fashion forward range of window treatment ideas. You will find enough variety of blinds to give your fashion senses a tingle. Their products are fairly priced and don’t burn a hole in your pocket. They are very energy efficient and pay for themselves by saving on your electricity bills. Bali blinds insulate your home from the heat in summer and from cold drafts in winter. This hold especially true for their cellular shades.

Bali blinds are easy to install and fulfill their function well. Their 1” aluminum mini blinds do not have holes running parallel down the blinds and so there is complete blockage of light. These blinds are perfect for people who have streetlight creeping into their homes. They are attractive to look at and have high quality construction. Some of their highly appreciated products include:

  • Bali DiamondCell 3/8’Double Cell Cellular Blinds- Customers say that these blinds are well built, retract easily, look good, regulate the temperature and ensure privacy.


  • Northern Heights 2” Wood Blinds - Besides their aesthetic value, temperature regulating properties, privacy control, and high quality, they come with very good quality hardware. The metal clip that attaches the blind to the wand is sturdy. 

northern heights 2 inch wood blinds

Finding discounts on Bali Blinds:

Window treatments can turn out to be quite expensive by the time you are done with all your windows, patio doors, etc. You do get low quality blinds in the market but they don’t last long and do not look good. However, by taking some time to research carefully and shop around you can save money on your window treatments. You stand a good chance of finding discount Bali blinds. You must be methodical in your search. First decide on the variety, color and pattern of Bali blinds that you want. Be sure to measure your windows so you know the exact size that you require. Once you have this information on hand you can start visiting some stores to see if they have what you want or something similar on sale.

A great place to search for good deals is the internet. You can give a search by typing the name of the blinds you want and you will get a listing of the online stores that carry them. You can then start your cost comparison. Be sure to take shipping costs into account. You will be able to do your research from the comfort of your home and have your Bali Blinds delivered to your doorstep. A couple of good online stores are, and

Bali Blinds parts and their replacement:

There are times when your blinds are in perfect order but some part of the hardware or a slat, etc is broken. You don’t wan to have to buy new blinds for this reason. Bali backs their products with comprehensive warranties. They are known for their prompt and efficient after sales service. Their customer care department is based in USA and will help you process your warranty claim. If the broken part is no longer under warranty they will help you obtain replacement parts. Your task will be easier if you have saved your packing list, trouble shooting tips or installation parts list that comes with the blinds as it contains information about your original order. However, if you do not have any of these lists you can find the necessary information on a white identification label that can be found on the top of your blind or shade.


If the broken part is no longer under warranty there are other sources to obtain a replacement part. The online store offers replacement parts for bali blinds. They also sell an EZ Restringing Kit if your blind slats need restringing. Blindpartsandrepairs site is another place you can look. You can also check home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes. They may have certain replacement parts.

Bali Blinds Goes Green - Caring for our environment:

Today we all have a responsibility towards our environment. Bali Blinds recognizes this and they are trying to do their bit. Millions of pounds of their industrial waste is recycled and diverted from landfills. By installing a closed loop water cooling system for plastics manufacturing they save about 90 million gallons of water every year. More than 99% of their sawdust is transformed into energy to fire the kilns and heat the factory or is converted to wood stove pellets. By adding exhaust air scrubbers to the facility they have been able to reduce VOCs by 52%. They have also made an effort to reduce airborne emissions. They include a large quantity of post consumer recycled material in their packaging. Their packaging material is 100% recyclable.

All their products can be called “green” as they block heat loss and gain and reduce UV transmission. Their wood blinds are crafted from natural materials and provide a very good layer of insulation. Their natural shades are harvested from renewable resources like bamboo, sisal, jute, wood and grass. The roots and stems remain intact when these products are harvested and are used to grow new shoots. This prevents soil erosion. Their fabric blinds are made from low emission and irritant and allergen free fabrics. These materials reduce airborne contaminants and reduce the risk of asthma and allergies. Many of their Solar Shade fabrics are Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified for low VOC emitting materials.

When you buy new blinds for your windows you want them to enhance the beauty of your home. Along with aesthetics you also want to protect your privacy and control the amount of light entering you home. Bali blinds take care of all of the above mentioned functions and provide energy efficiency as well. You are not going to change your window treatments everyday so it is wise to invest in high quality and branded ones. They will look elegant and last you for years to come. Buying cheap blinds will detract from the beauty of your décor and will fall apart. Bali is a name that can be trusted. They proved their worth with their products and service.

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