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Cordless faux wood blinds offer luxury with functionality

The world of window treatment has changed immensely. We now have blinds that are not just functional but add style and décor to any room. Cordless faux wood blinds are very convenient giving your room a classy and modern look. They are preferred choice with most homeowners having small children in the house. These window dressings discard the use of any cords which can raise the safety issues for the kids. Also with the kids fidgeting with them and pulling them makes them useless once tempered with. They are easy to use and look simple and elegant. The cordless feature means you can operate your blinds by using a remote control. They are not only stylish but also provide extreme versatility and are safer to use when compared to other window dressings with cords.

One of the relatively new styles that has been added to the cordless faux wood blind is they can be opened and closed by simply touching the bottom rail. It completely eliminates the need of the cord which lifts and lowers the blind. There are no more long cords that fall on to the floor or get entangled giving a shabby look to your window dressing. These long cords also pose a real danger to young children and pets. This type of blinds still features one cord which is attached and controls the tilting of the slat but remains at the constant length posing no safety threats. It also reduces the clutter around your window and gives a clean and elegant look with modern appeal.

cordless faux wood blinds

Levolor cordless faux wood blinds:

Levolor cordless faux wood blinds are premium line of window treatments. They exude charm and stature. They are made with attention to details, perfectly crafted, top quality materials add up to unparallel comfort, style and value. These blinds offer sophisticated high performance that combines comfort with modern day styling. This brand is synonymous with quality, style and innovativeness. Even after so many years they are one of the leading names in this industry and continue to be the top of the game doing what they do the best. They are considered to be most recognized and successful line of window covering brands. They offer great choice of color and finish and also have wide range of options to personalize your choice.

Cordless faux wood blinds are perfect for any home owners who want to create a more aesthetically pleasing look for their home. They are expensive units and give your home clean and seamless look making your home look more organized than it did before. You can have long term savings that can actually make up for the added price. They help you to cut down your monthly electricity bills as it provides instant insulation to any room. This window treatment provides complete safety and privacy solution while adding style and elegance to any décor.