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Custom mini blinds offer high end appeal

Mini blinds have captured the window treatment market and are considered to be more convenient and attractive. Custom mini blinds are made to fit any window type. They have vertical and horizontal slats. They are also available in different sizes, colors, construction and materials. The construction style includes honeycomb type or is woven from natural and synthetic reeds. These units are designed to fit perfectly giving best utility. They are great for every room in your home. To suit your individual needs and budget they can be made of different materials.

The mechanism of opening and closing custom mini blinds for window range from simple cords with continuous chains that are easy to operate to remote controlled devices. They are available in wide range of styles, sizes and colors to match any décor. If you are opting for custom made units you have plethora of options to choose from wide range of colors from metallic to light ones. You can also choose the material and style you want. These units are more durable as you can opt for superior components. You can select the type of lifting system to raise these window dressings. The standard lift and tilt feature are the two options. If you have a child in your house you can opt for cordless system which eliminates any dangling cords.

Custom vinyl mini blinds are the cheapest of all the blinds in the market. They are very popular as they are easy to install and operate. The small slats of these units overlap which completely blocks the outside and gives you the privacy you need. You can get them specially made for your irregular windows and sure these units will offer you the best value for your money. These units are perfect for any humid area like kitchen and bathroom. They are durable despite the high humidity prevailing in these rooms. They are available in several solid colors which will blend with any décor. They are not only cheap but have trendy and fashionable looks. Only care that should be taken is these units should not have lead in it.

You can select your custom mini blinds by considering all the options. Some things you should know before buying are types of mini blinds available which include vinyl, faux wood, real wood, aluminum and cellular shades. Measurement of your windows and you want an inside or outside mount will affect the size of your units. Also this will determine the type of brackets you will require. The amount of light you want in your room is also an important consideration as some units block more light than others when they are closed. With careful considerations you can choose these window dressings to get the best for the money you spend.


The best brands for selecting custom mini blinds are Hunter Douglas, Levolor and Bali. If you are looking out for economical options Walmart, Target etc have good collection. Home Depot. JC Penny and Lowes have great range of mid range mini blinds. Though these units are expensive in comparison to standard ones but they offer great style with high durability which will last you for long.