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Custom plantation shutters can add elegance to any window

Amongst the varied options available for window treatment, shutters are highly versatile. They can block light effectively or let in plenty of sunshine just by raising or lowering the louvers. Plantation shutters are semi opaque when the louvers are closed. No longer have you to worry if you have an oddly shaped and sized window, there are custom plantation shutters that will meet all your needs. You can have them custom built to fit the windows you want to cover. Good quality custom shutters come with the finest available furniture finish quality. There are special shapes such as arches and angles you can opt for.

You can have them custom made with your own design ideas, the louver size, the color that can blend with your internal décor and material of your choice. You have plethora of choices to customize the shutters for your home and office. They are considered high end treatment and most manufacturers offer this facility to provide best to most homeowners. These units can be mounted in different ways to suit your décor style. The main two styles include inside mount on hanging strips and outside mount to frames. Wood plantation shutters are most favorite and they are available in all styles from rustic to elegant. They provide needed protection from outside elements and gives privacy.

Custom plantation shutters offer really unlimited color options. Usually they are painted to match the color of the trim of the window. They should be painted before installing and manufacturer’s paint these units in a controlled environment to make sure that the paint are applied evenly using a sprayer. You will have to paint with brush or hand once it is installed but this will give poor quality finish. The other option is to stain them. Basswood is commonly used to make these shutters. As compared to colored ones stained units cost 10-20% more as additional labor is required. One other style of painting is duplexing where the color of the shutter from inside is different from the outside. This is done rarely as it is expensive option which will increase the price by 40-60%.

custom plantation shutters

To add ambience to any room custom made shutters are perfect options. If you are looking out from where to select these units there are varied options. Some of the best options are DFW Premium Shutters Inc offers variety of options. They offer 2.5", 3.5", or 4.5" elliptical louvers sizes. Most common size is 3.5". They use high quality interior paint. You have great option to choose hinge color, paint, and stain/finish and louver size. They make quality shutters for arch and French windows. They offer free in home estimates for you to plan your budget. Once you place the order they are ready in 4-6 weeks.

Custom plantation shutters add unique architectural touch to your home. They are classy and elegant way to dress up your windows adding great appeal and rich look to your home. The demand for these products has increased rapidly and manufacturers are striving to give their best at affordable prices.