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Faux plantation shutters add warmth and styles

Most homeowners and designers are looking out for ways to decorate their homes to produce great ambience without paying a lot. Shutters provide privacy, protection and complete light control at an economical price. Faux plantation shutters have survived for hundred of years due to its classic and simple design. They can make an average window look like a piece of art. They fit any decorating scheme or seasonal trend. They are usually very easy and gives your home added interest and elegance. These units offer beautiful style, maximum durability and affordability. It definitely adds sense of style and sophistication. They provide tremendous style and exceptional value for the money.

Faux exterior shutters:

Faux exterior shutters can give your home an instant curb appeal. These functional units provide security, solar control and keep window safe from outside elements like inclement weather conditions. They are fixed in the place and used to enhance the appearance. The task of installing these units can be done by professionals or as a part of DIY project. You can add beauty by selecting it in a contrast or complimentary color. They are available in variety of shapes, standard and custom sizes and in wide spectrum of price range. They are easy to maintain requiring an occasional washing. You can find these shutters at Shutterland exterior shutters, Ready exterior shutters, Shutter contractor and Decorative shutter. Some of the leading names for these units are Alcoa and Mid- America.


Faux wood plantation shutters:

If you are looking for colonial elegance with remarkably low price than faux wood plantation shutters are perfect. They are available in wide range of styles and finishes. To give a realistic impression different they are available in different wood effects and grains. They give a stunning appearance whether opened, closed or part way. They are available in all wood finish types which compliments any décor and gives a real appearance of natural material at half the cost. These units are highly durable and do not absorb moisture at all giving the same wonderful lasting finish even after years of use. They do not crack, discolor, peel or warp. But these units are made of PVC material which does not absorb moisture. They are easy to install and the installation cost is also less.

Faux plantation shutters can be purchased from different avenues. Look for sales on these units from various online retailers and shops. Many online shops are also willing to give free shipping if you order over a certain amount. Standard size units are easily found but if you want to make customize ones Home Depot is the right place. They recommend that their experts can come to install the plantation shutters but of course they will charge extra. But if you are really looking out for custom made units you can negotiate at Home Depot to send their personnel to take measurements rather then you giving it to them. In this case if the shutters don’t fit properly they will be responsible for it. One window can cost $150- $220 depending upon the size of the shutters.