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Faux Wood Blinds – For the effect of real wood blinds at a fraction of the cost

Wood blinds are a very popular and you will see these window treatments in many homes. They look elegant and cozy at the same time and blend well with most types of décor. However, they can prove to be quite expensive. So if you love the look of wood blinds but don’t have the budget for them you don’t have to be disappointed. You can opt for faux wood blinds. They give pretty much the same effect as wood binds but are much more economical, especially if you have a lot of windows. They also have other advantages over wood blinds. Nicks and scratches do not show on faux wood blinds as much as they do on wood blinds. Wood blinds are not a viable option for humid rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. They are not a good choice for geographical areas with high humidity. This is because they warp and tend to harbor mildew and mold. Faux wood blinds, on the other hand, can withstand moisture.

Faux wood blinds are durable and long lasting and are easy to clean. These days they are available in a variety of styles which make them much more interesting. You will find the most popular colors and stains readily. For unusual shades you can order custom blinds. You can buy faux wood blinds in widths of 1, 2 and 2.5 inches. You also get faux wood mini blinds in many stores. Faux wood blinds are made of vinyl or a combination of hardwood or natural wood particles and vinyl. If the blinds are very cheap and extremely light in weight be vary and check to make sure that they are not made of non-vinyl materials. The color in vinyl runs through the material. If your faux wood blind gets scratched you will find the color below to be the same as the blind and hence less noticeable.

What customers have to say about Faux Wood Blinds:

Most people who have opted for faux wood blinds agree that it is a good choice. There are several reasons for this- one of the biggest factors being the price range. As mentioned above faux wood blinds are much more economical when compared to real wood blinds. Ease of cleaning and maintaining faux wood blinds is also another advantage. These blinds can be wiped clean with a mild soap and water. Since they are hard to break and durable they are a good choice for households with pets and children. They have UV ratings as high as 500. With the number of manufacturers offering faux wood blinds increasing you find a lot of different textures, shades, finishes and colors. This makes it easier to find the right match for your décor.

1” Faux Wood Blinds – Traditional and elegant

These blinds have a traditional appeal and complement any type of décor. They can be considered as the contemporary alternative to shutters. The 1” faux wood blinds are ideal for windows with shallow depths and doors where the lever handles may come in the length of wider blinds. 1” blinds do not need any trees and are very easy to maintain. You can keep them clean by regular dusting and vacuuming. This size comes in most all of the finishes and colors that you get in other sizes so coordinating them with your styling will not be difficult. You will also find a wide variety of sizes in 1 inch faux wood blinds, including 1” mini blinds. You will find this size with most blind manufacturers and also with many online retailers of blinds.

1 inch faux wood blinds

2” Faux Wood Blinds – A popular size

2” faux blinds are available quite easily as they are a popular width. You can check in brick and mortar stores like Home Depot. They carry several different options. They have the Levolor 2” Visions Faux Wood Blinds which are removable for easy cleaning. You can choose from 6 different colors. They have maximum light blocking power and will not warp or stain in humid or wet environments. They even custom cut faux wood blinds according to your specifications while you wait or to be picked up later. You can also check the numerous online stores. One site you could look at is justblinds. Their 2 inch faux wood blinds are made from a superior quality polyvinyl material. This makes them very durable, warp resistant and easy to clean and maintain. They feature UV inhibitors which protect the finish and make them long lasting even in harsh sunlight.

2 inch faux wood blinds

Cheap Faux Wood Blinds – Helping you stay in your budget:

Faux wood blinds give you the look of wood blinds without paying the heavy price. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get good looking faux wood blinds. Today there are several manufacturers offering faux wood blinds in different color options, textures, finishes and sizes. The vital key to finding cheap faux wood blinds is research. You must take the time to visit different stores as you will often find some sales or special deals. The other good place to shop around is the internet. There are many online stores offering good deals and discounted faux wood blinds. You can get a listing by giving a search on the internet and then you can even read reviews on the company and product. That way you know you are getting good blinds.

Installing faux wood blinds:

You can install your faux wood blinds by yourself as they are quite easy to hang. If you have not done this before you should look for a precise set of instructions. If your blinds did not come with a set of instructions on how to install them you can find a good set online. Be sure to take the measurements properly and confirm that you have the right set of tools and hardware. You will have to decide whether you want your blinds inside the window casting or outside the casting. Another thing that you need take care of is that your blinds are the right size for your window. If they are not then have them custom cut before you start the installation.


Buying faux wood blinds:

There are a few questions in people’s minds when buying faux wood blinds. While they are water resistant and do not warp in humidity, you must remember that they are not as sturdy as authentic wood blinds. However, they are great for people with pets or kids as they do not scratch easily. But you might want to inquire about the cordless variety if you have children or pets to avoid accidental strangulation. They are easy to clean and maintain but do not submerge them completely in water without asking a professional as you might damage them.

The most important question is which type of faux wood blinds to buy. If you want no light penetration, especially in offices or bedrooms then you should opt for curved faux wood slats. You could also look for blinds that have no holes or ones that have the hole in a different position to eliminate the light penetration. However, if you have blinds with a hole you can place a cloth tape over the holes. They fit differently and block out the light. If light control is not a big concern you can buy flat slats. These have a more traditional appearance. The slat size and weight also varies. Some are light weight while others are heavy. If you are having trouble deciding which faux wood blinds are right for you, you can take the advice of a professional.

Buying faux wood blinds at Lowes:

Home improvement stores like Lowes carry a wide range of faux wood blinds. You can visit the store if you want to see the blinds in actual or you can shop on their website and have your blinds delivered to your doorstep. Lowes carries faux wood blinds by the manufacturer Levolor. You can choose different finishes for your faux wood blinds. Levolor offers you the choice of Nuwood composite finish which blends with various wood finishes and is scratch, heat and moisture resistant. It is ideal for places like bathrooms, kitchen and garages. It is durable and you can buy it with 2” slats. The other choice is Visions Faux Wood which moisture resistant and available in 2” and 2.5” slats sizes. This is a more economical options compared to others.

They also have faux wood blinds by Basic Blindz. Their White Etched Woodgrain Plantation Blind is made of textured vinyl and features a good quality metal headrail which won’t crack, weaken or warp. It comes with a ready to hang valance and the necessary hardware. It also includes child safety tassels and cord stops.

Most of the well known manufacturers of blinds offer the faux wood option. This gives you the choice to shop around and check different finishes, colors and styles. Depending on your budget you can get very basic options, mid priced varieties or go for fancier versions or custom faux wood blinds. Be sure to check on the warranty you are getting with your blinds. Some come with a lifetime warranty. The warranty should cover the opening and closing mechanisms and the blind materials. Overall you will find yourself pleasantly surprised by the variety of faux wood blinds available today. So if you want to have the effect of wood blinds in your home for a much lower price don’t hesitate to look into faux wood blinds.

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