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How to clean faux wood blinds

With decorative window treatment ideas you can you can spice up your windows and give them grand appearance. Contemporary styles of window dressing have lot to offer for every style and budget. Wood blinds are the most popular units but not all can afford them as it can cost a fortune. Faux wood blinds are great alternative which are cost effective and offer great utility. They can last you for years if you know how to clean faux wood blinds. These units are easier to clean than real wood. Keeping them clean will not only make them look better but also increase the life of these units.

Most of us refrain from cleaning as we think it is going to take up the entire day. Well that does not hold true. We wait till the dust becomes visible. Keeping blinds clean is a breeze with little preventive measurements. Just with regular dusting you can keep them clean which requires minimum effort. Don’t let the dust accumulate, clean the grime and get done with it. If you follow certain steps you will see that cleaning faux wood blinds is an easy task.

Step 1: First thing first dust the blinds as this will get rid of the dry particles. This initial step will save you a lot of time for further cleaning. If you do not do this than while cleaning with your cloth you will find it difficult to clean the grime. It aids to faster and easier cleaning.

Step 2: If the blinds are really dirty and cleaning with the cloth is not going to do the needful, remove the blinds and lay it flat on a large area which is conducive to cleaning. But before doing so read the maintenance literature that had come along with these blinds. By doing this you there are less chances of you damaging any cord which is very likely when cleaning them when they are hung. This type of cleaning is faster and avoids any mess.

Step 3: Avoid using any harsh detergents. The best way is to clean these units by using warm, damp cloth. This should be suffice in most cases but for some if the grime does not come out add few drops of mild washing soap and then clean it. This will remove all the remaining dirt on the blinds. Only if the blinds are not cleaned for really long immerse them in water. But this should be used only as last resort. You can soak them for an hour and then follow the prior instructions.

Step 4: Use clear water and clean them again. Allow the blind proper time to dry before you  hang them. Re install them once they are dry and keep the blind closed to let it dry completely.

General cleaning of the blinds is must. It is the easiest and simple way to keep them looking new and clean. You can clean them with dry cloth or vacuum it. An attachment with brush can be helpful. Vacuuming not only helps to remove the dust but also is highly effective in removing cobwebs and small bugs. Cleaning faux wood blinds is easy and simple process which requires much less effort and materials.