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Interior plantation shutters make a wonderful addition to your home

Window treatments have become an integral part of any modern home décor. Plantation shutters are considered to be the best options by many homeowners and designers. Interior plantation shutters add functionality with fashion. They give you the required privacy and also let you control the amount of air and light you want to allow in your house. They add classy look to any window. These units are installed in the interior of the house. They are versatile and compliment any home décor traditional or contemporary. They are the most elegant coverings you can have for your window which will never go out of trend.

They can be used in different ways depending on the weather conditions. The way interior plantation shutters can be opened and closed makes them more adjustable than curtains. They can be adjusted perfectly to exact conditions. In winter they are used to insulate against cold and in summer they can be opened at different angles to block the sun while allowing enough air and light to enter. The shutters can remain closed while the slats can be opened. The louver or the shutters can be opened on one side and closed on the other or in between. You can also opt for the traditional 1-1/8 inch louver, or the more popular 5-1/2 inch slat size.

Interior plantation shutters can be used to cover any type of windows like elongated arched, curved arches, French doors, closets, circles and bay windows to name a few. You can have these units custom built if you have odd shape and size windows. They can be used in any room as they have the ability to provide enough insulation and block the light coming in. They do not require drapes or curtains to dress them up as they make an elegant appeal by itself. They are perfect if you are looking to upgrade your home. They are perfect solution to dress your glass doors as they feature timeless beauty and durability.

interior plantation shutters

As they are great insulator and give you protection against heat and cold, they are perfect to curb your energy bills. They increase the life of your furniture by blocking harmful UV rays of sun and prevents warping and fading. You have multiple options to choose from different materials like wood, faux wood and vinyl. Whatever type and size you select the shutters should be of quality premium finish. The color of these units should match with the décor and compliment it. These shutters are usually built with 2-1/2, 3, 3-1/2, or 4-1/2 inch movable louver. Some are also available with a smaller 1-7/8 inch louver or a larger 5-1/2 inch louver. They should be 1/8 inch thick and should not be narrower.

Interior plantation shutters Home Depot has multiple choices of different brands in varied colors and sizes. Here they have professionals who can come over take measurements for your shutters and they also have shutter installation experts who are licensed and insured to precisely do their job. They have custom designed and professionally crafted units that will add appeal to any room type. They offer project which includes everything from the initial measurement till the installation and clean up at a competitive price. They have all leading brands of plantation shutters that can liven up the interior beauty of your room.