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Plantation Shutters – A beautiful window treatment for your home

A plantation shutter is a solid and sturdy window treatment consisting of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails. It is basically a shutter that has a louver blade on the wide side. Depending on the material it is made of, it can be an exterior or interior window covering. Plantation shutters have a timeless beauty and never go out of style. Their simple elegance is what has made them a popular choice for years. Like any good window treatment they allow the user to control the amount of light entering the room and provide the necessary degree of privacy as well. Their wide slats can be adjusted to any angle to allow the desired amount of light to enter the room. There is a lever mechanism that is used to open and close the slats. A major advantage of the lever is that there are no cords involved and so there is no nuisance of tangling and no danger of accidental strangulation for kids or pets.

Plantation shutters are available in a wide range of colors, materials and styles. The good thing about them is that they can be painted or stained to coordinate with different types of decors. You also have to decide on the type of blades that would suit your needs and whether you want your shutters on the exterior or interior of the window. If you do not find the right sized readymade shutters you can get them custom made to fit the dimensions of the window. The blades must be chosen with great care because they are responsible for light control and they also change the look of the shutters quite dramatically. Besides windows these shutters can be built to fit around custom door frames or even used as partitions or room dividers.

How to choose the right interior or exterior plantation shutters:

Aluminum, wood and vinyl are some popular materials of choice for plantation shutters. Aluminum is a good choice for exteriors because it can stand the wear and tear of rain, sunlight, snow, etc. they can be painted to different colors. Wood is a good choice for interior shutters. Not saying that you cannot have exterior wood shutters. You will find many wood plantation shutters that are especially made for exterior use. There are a few popular varieties in wood plantation shutters:

  • Basswood Plantation Shutters – These shutters are warp resistant and have grain staining properties. They can be painted in the color of your choice which makes them a good choice to blend into your existing décor. They are easy to install. They are a better option for interior use as they are not weather resistant.

basswood plantation shutters

  • Hardwood Plantation Shutters – The pros of these shutters are that they are strong, durable and easy to maintain. The beauty of hardwood is not debatable and they look elegant and appealing. Poplar, Alder and Cedar are commonly used to manufacture hardwood plantation shutters. The downside of these shutters is their price. They are quite expensive and may not be suitable for all budgets.

hardwood plantation shutters

  • Vinyl Plantation Shutters – Vinyl shutters are far more affordable compared to wood shutters. However, they are not as aesthetically appealing as wood shutters. They can stand wear and tear and are weather resistant which makes them a good choice for exterior use. They do not fade or develop cracks. They are easy to clean and do not require a lot of maintenance.

vinyl plantation shutters


Faux Wood Plantation Shutters – The beauty of wood without paying the high price:

The sheer number of plantation shutter styles available these days is mind boggling. There are types with stationery louvers, ones made of PolyCore, wood, vinyl, aluminum, etc. The louver sizes also vary greatly. A lot of people love the look and elegance of wood plantation shutters. However, not everyone can afford hardwood. But you don’t need to worry because you can opt for faux wood plantation shutters. They look appealing and give a warm and cozy feel to the room but at a fraction of the cost. These shutters are usually made from a PVC based material or vinyl. This makes them very easy to maintain, which is another bonus over real wood shutters.

Hardwood shutters are difficult to maintain. If they are not cleaned and polished regularly, dust and grime will settle on them and this is very difficult to remove. If you use cleaning agents you run the danger of damaging the varnish or paint. If the surface of the wood is exposed to these chemicals, its sheen and texture may be affected. Faux wood plantation shutters are not damaged by detergents or by scrubbing hard. They can be wiped clean with a wet cloth. If they are very dirty or dusty you can use some detergent without worrying about ruining their appearance. Even dusting with a feather duster will suffice if they are not installed in areas where they are likely to be exposed to grease.



People cannot tell the difference between hardwood plantation shutters and faux wood ones unless they examine them from close. You can buy them in all types of different finishes like wood grain, stain or painted. Vinyl and PVC materials are well suited to changing weather conditions and do not warp or retain moisture in humid conditions. They are not affected by water so they are safe even in the monsoons. They are easy to install and will last you for a long time to come.

Hunter Douglas Plantation Shutters – A bang for your buck:

Hunger Douglas plantation shutters are very popular because they are a perfect combination of functionality and style. They protect your home from UV rays, are energy efficient, offer privacy and good insulation to your home. The slats are treated with a special chemical that makes them water and heat resistant. This allows them to regulate the temperature within the room. The slats are also capable of blocking out vibrations and noise. Besides being useful they look beautiful too. Hunter Douglas gives you a choice of several different finishes, colors, textures and type of slats. They are easy to coordinate with any type of décor and give your home a warm ambience.

Hunter Douglas shutters come in hardwood, poly satin and hybrid compounds. This way you can choose the style that suits your taste and budget. The hardwood variety is definitely more expensive than the rest. All their shutters are durable and long lasting. They are also easy to install without the help of a professional. Many of their shutters even come pre assembled. You can find instructions on installation on the internet.

What you will pay for Plantation Shutters:

The price of your plantation shutters depends on the style and material you choose for your home. The size of your window also plays a part in determining the price. For example, a very high quality variety of plantation shutters are Alder wood ones. They are very durable and attractive. But they can cost up to $700.00 for a set. They are pre painted and stained but you will have to hire a professional to install them. Other hardwood shutters follow in price. If you want the look of wood plantation shutters without the heavy price tag you can opt for faux wood.

Two of the composite shutters are MDF and Polydesign shutters. They are also very durable but cost much less than wood as they are easy to mass produce. Polyvinyl and vinyl shutters are available in several different sizes. They are practical and can e bought in almost any color to fit the theme of your décor. They are also one of the cheapest plantation shutters available in the market. You can buy a set for as low as $200.00. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and are not easily damaged. Aluminum plantation shutters are also a good choice as they are light weight and quite inexpensive.

Lastly, you can opt to get custom plantation shutters made. The pricing of these will depend on what materials, motifs, textures, etc you opt for.

Discount Plantation Shutters: Think smart

Plantation shutters are by no means inexpensive. But you do not have to get discouraged if you wish to have plantation shutters in your home but do not have a huge budget. You will just need some careful planning and some good research. You should not opt for hardwood shutters. You are better off with faux wood or vinyl ones. By choosing a nice color you can enhance the look of your room. The color and texture options in these materials are huge. Study different options before you settle.

When you start looking for cheap plantation shutters you could try looking in big home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowes. Often times they have resale lists where contractors and builders have had to return unopened packages of shutters to the store because of some mistake in taking the measurements. These goods are often on huge discounts in the store. You might end up getting lucky. The other good place to look is on the internet. With some patience you may end up finding a good sale or clearance in an online store. Sometimes you may even find their pricing cheaper as they do not have the overheads that are a part of operating a brick and mortar store. But be very sure you measure your windows carefully before ordering a set online. You will often find online stores that offer free shipping as well.

Plantation Shutter Plans- DIY for creative people

Plantation shutters can turn out to be quite expensive. However, if you are a creative type of person you can make your own plantation shutters. This will save you some money and I’m sure you will have a good time doing this project. The type of shutters you choose to make should depend upon your woodworking skills and your ability to handle tools. For those who are not very handy you can opt for a set of shutters that are ready to paint or stain. That way you can do them up to match your décor.


If you are up for something more challenging you will find some really good plans to make plantation shutters on the internet. You could also go to a home improvement store and consult a professional on what would work best for you and your abilities and buy a plan there. Louvered shutters are great because they can be adjusted to control sunlight, wind, etc and also the degree of privacy you need but making a louvered shutter is not an easy task. Even the simplest plans require intermediate woodworking skills. So if you are not up to the task you should look for a simpler alternative – and there are plenty available. You could even see if someone offers ready made slats that can be fitted into your shutter frame.

When someone says plantation shutters we get a fixed picture in our mind. But when we delve deeper into the product we find a vast pool of information that we never knew about. So if you are considering plantation shutters for your home, be sure to read up and gather as much information as you can before you make a decision. This will ensure that you end up with the design and style of your choice and don’t end up paying more than necessary. These shutters will last you for a long time and since they are not inexpensive you want to be satisfied with your choice. You want your shutters to beautify your home and want your guests to notice them.

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