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Save money with replacement vertical blinds 

For all those wishing to add sophistication to their home furnishing, vertical blinds are the perfect solution. These units are very popular as they are attractive and practical. These units last long and if you are tired and are thinking of some change to spruce up your window treatments you can do so with replacement vertical blinds. They give an instant makeover to your room at little cost. They are perfect for those looking for a change without much hassle and expense. These units are simple and easy to use. They are perfect addition to your window and door furnishings.

With long use there are times when certain parts of the blinds are broken to fix the problem, replace them with new ones. By just replacing the part you can save lot of time and money that could otherwise have been spent while replacing the whole unit. So make things easy, always retain your manufacturer’s information since this will make finding the parts much simpler. Usually they are made of four or eight prong rods. This information makes it easy to find the blueprint and thus you can easily find the subsequent part. Each e clip on the rod differs with different manufactures, so it is very important to match them before buying.

The stem of the vertical blinds face the maximum wear and tear and hence needs replacement faster. The stem holds the window blinds to the rod. To make the blinds hang right the wall mounts need replacement when they are bent. The wand, the long plastic piece that turns slats also breaks or falls off can also be replaced. Other parts that can be changed to make your blinds new are control that helps to rotate, the track that holds the blinds, the rod support, dust valance clips, cord, chain and bell tassels. The gears which make this unit work can be replaced and installed even in most adverse condition when the end control has stopped working. By replacing the parts you can increase the life of these window treatments and get more for your money.

The vanes or the slats of the vertical blinds are made of wood, metal and plastic and are hanged from the rails. Replacement of vertical blind slats is very easy and you can do it yourself. All you have to do is remove the old blind slat and measure it by laying it flat on the ground and measure the fabric part of it. Measure only the length of the slat and not the overall length of the blind. You can find a wide range of replacement slats on internet. A huge selection of styles, patterns and colors can be found. Orion blinds have wide collection of replacement parts that will meet the needs of most homeowners. Each louvre will cost around $ 2-$4.

So if your vertical blinds are damaged and you do not want to install a completely new one vertical blind replacement will save you a lot of money and make them look new and attractive. Many sites offer the replacement parts along with instruction on how to install them. You have extensive selection and offer to find the part that fits best to your needs. With proper replacement you can give your windows a fresh look and add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.