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Roman shades are beautiful and practical

Window treatments are an important part of the décor of your room. They can enhance the beauty of the room or detract from it depending upon the choice you make. Apart from aesthetics, they also play a vital utilitarian role as well. They block out the sun from entering the room and provide you with privacy. You have a lot of different choices when it comes to window treatments. Roman shades are a popular choice in many homes because of the clean classic lines they offer. These shades stack up in evenly sized panels when lifted. But you are left with quite a smooth appearance when they are lowered. You can customize your shades with a picture or design that will be visible when the shades are lowered.

The choice of designs, colors, materials, etc is quite vast when it comes to roman shades, which makes it easy for you to pick ones that will coordinate well with your room. They can be made to give a “hobbled” look where the vertical panels are still visible when the shade is closed. Roman shades are commonly opened and closed with a cord system. You keep pulling the cord till the shades reach the desired height. This way you can decide the amount of sunlight you want coming into the room and also how much privacy you prefer.

Fabric Roman Shades:

Fabric roman shades are a classic and traditional choice for any home. They are not obtrusive but have the ability to protect your privacy and room from the glaring sun. Fabric roman shades are made from a single fabric panel and have strings along the fabric’s length. When you pull the cord the shade rises in regularly spaced panels. The most attractive point of fabric roman shades is that you have a wide variety of options. Sheer fabrics give the room an airy feel during the day and are great for mood lighting. Bright colors and patterns will work wonders for a child’s room. You can use additional fabrics within the panels for a billowy look.

Besides choosing different types of fabrics you can opt for other things like combining different window treatments. You can make roman shades in neutral colors and have fancy curtains surrounding them. Or you can have matching fabric covered boards above the roman shades for a finished look. If you choose a flat and tailor thin fabric you will end up with an elegant look. However, full teardrop folds give the room a subtle look.

fabric roman shades

Whatever the type of fabric, maintaining the fabric of your roman shades is very important. Shabby, dirty shades will give your room an unkept look. You must vacuum the shades regularly to keep dust from gathering in the folds of the fabric. You can use cleaners for foam upholstery for a deeper clean. The other option is to take your roman shades to professional dry cleaners. Treating the shades with anti static or stain resistant finishes will keep your shades looking great for a longer time.

Bamboo Roman Shades:

There are a lot of reasons why bamboo roman shades are a good choice. One of the most important points is that these shades are environmentally sound as they are made from real bamboo and other natural materials. In today’s day and age this is definitely something to consider. These shades provide insulation against winter’s cold and summer’s heat. Bamboo roman shades are perfect for rooms with an Asian theme. They bring nature’s beauty into your room and are full of rich textures, brilliant hues and natural style. They are easy to install and reasonably priced.

Previously bamboo canes had to be dried and shaped before weaving them or using rope to braid the reeds. But today advanced technology is combined with traditional craftsmanship to give you beautiful creations. You can choose from a wide variety of patterns, shades and textures. This ensures that you find something that coordinates well with your room. Natural bamboo roman shades are made with twine and so they are flexible enough to block out the desired amount of sunlight. Bamboo slats and matchsticks entwine to create shades with a great texture. They allow you to choose the right amount of coverage and privacy.

bambo roman shades

Maintaining bamboo roman shades is quite easy. All you need to do is wipe them clean with a soft cloth or dust them gently a couple of times a week. You can even use a vacuum attachment or feather duster. These shades are a better option compared to plastic shades because they do not get stiff and break. They have the ability to withstand climate changes and constant use.

Ambria Roman Shades:

It often pays to think out of the box. Such is the case of Ambria roman shades. Most people opt for curtains or regular blinds and miss out on the vast array of window treatments available today. Ambria roman shades are very versatile, easy to install and fairly priced. They come in numerous different fabric types and colors which makes it easy to find one that will coordinate with the décor of your room. They give the room a clean and uncluttered feel and look beautiful enough to be used with any additional window treatments.

ambria roman shades

They perform the function of a shade well. They can be adjusted to allow the desired amount of light to enter the room. You also get the privacy you want. But you must choose the fabric for the shades accordingly. Light airy fabrics are perfect for rooms like the kitchen but a heavier material would be more appropriate for a bedroom. When you pull these shades up you are left with a beautiful series of horizontal folds and when you lower them you get an attractive window treatment that enhances the décor of your room. Wooden dowels are slotted into the folds of the fabric for this special effect.

Ambria roman shades provide good insulation to a room. This will help you save on electricity bills. They are also easy to maintain. Occasional vacuuming will take care of cleaning them. As mentioned above, they are easy to install because all you need is simple mounting brackets. Since you can do the installation yourself you will end up saving money.


Custom Roman Shades:

You can buy readymade roman shades at a lot of home improvement and decorating stores. The internet is also a good place to find some good options. However, if you want something that truly matches your existing décor then you can decide to make custom roman shades. There are a couple of ways to do this. You can opt to make the shades yourself. This is not too difficult as roman shades are made from a single panel of fabric and the hardware requirements for this window treatment are minimal. You can go and buy the fabric of you choice and find instructions on how to proceed on the internet. The other option is to commission an interior designer to help you make the roman shades of you choice.

custom roman shades

Having an interior designer will definitely cost more than making the shades yourself. However, there is a midway option for you. There are many stores, both brick and mortar as well as online, those give you the opportunity to design your own roman shades. There are some designs available for you to choose from. Once you decide on the design you can choose the fabric that you like and further customize it by adding a lining or matching boards on top.

Cordless Roman Shades:

When you choose your roman shades you are thinking of the beauty that they will add to your room. However, along with beauty you must keep safety in mind, especially if you have small children in the house. With the cords of the roman shades there is a danger of accidental strangulation of little kids or pets. Cordless roman shades are a good choice to go with in such cases. These shades also avoid the hassle of untangling the cords. You can get all the choices that are available for roman shades with cords. You can opt for fabrics like crush, striped, floral, translucent weave, sheers, linen, luster, etc.

cordless roman shades

Cordless roman shades are available in many different stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Lowes, etc. The other option would be to make them yourself. You can find a list of the materials needed and step by step instructions as well. Just search online and there are many websites offering these.

DIY Roman Shades:

If you are a creative type of person then making roman shades yourself can be a fun and interesting project. The dual advantage of DIY shades is that you get exactly what you want and you end up saving some money. The first thing you would need to do is look for a list of the material you will require. The internet is a great place to look. The most important item would be finding the fabric of your choice. Measure your windows before you go and buy the fabric accordingly. Also, keep in the level of privacy and sunlight you want to enter the room in mind while selecting the fabric.


You can make your roman shades without a sewing machine but it will be a bit difficult. You can either sew small rings one by one onto the shade or onto twill tape. Alternatively, you can use roman shade tape to quicken the process. Be sure to prewash the fabric, lining fabrics and twill tape. If you plan to dry clean your DIY shades then you can skip the prewashing. You will also need a metal or wooden dowel. Look for a set of instructions that are easy to understand and follow. If you are careful about each step making your roman shades will be a breeze. And the next time someone admires your roman shades you can proudly tell them that you made them yourself.

Roman shades can turn out to be quite expensive. So take some time to decide on the look, pattern and design that you want. Once you invest in them you will definitely want to use them for a long time to come. These shades will beautify your room and give you privacy. They also provide insulation against the heat and cold helping you save some money on your electricity bills. Roman shades are available in the huge range of designs, are easy to install and maintain and have a long life. All these advantages make them a great choice when it comes to window treatments.

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