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All about vinyl mini blinds 

Window treatment has become an integral part of any home décor. All rooms have different purpose and each needs different style of window dressing. Vinyl mini blinds are best suited for rooms that have high humidity. They can withstand extreme conditions and hence best suited for bathrooms and kitchen. They are highly durable and come in variety of colors, patterns and style to enhance any décor. They add an element of beauty and decoration with great utility. These units are not functional just for home but also for offices and shops as they are cost effective as compared to other window treatments. It fashionable, glossy and clean look makes them different from the others. The slates of mini blinds are small as compared to the normal blinds.

Vinyl mini blinds at Walmart are available in variety of colors, style and lengths. They are available to suit any room and window size. Mainstay is a subsidiary owned by Walmart which is a chain of stores found across Canada and United States. This brand is popular for home decorating accessories like bedding, home furnishings and home appliances. They are very popular with the consumers as they offer huge savings and provides them with cost effective options. This section is found in all Walmart store. They are durable, aesthetic option which people from all the walks of life can afford. These blinds add unique and fresh touch to any room. They are widely used in homes and offices as they are designed to match all kinds of interiors. These window dressings have easy installation and operation for daily use. They can withstand all types of weather and do not get faded or discolored. You can have them for $5-$10 for a standard size window.

Many stores and home improvement stores have stopped selling vinyl mini blinds as some of them consists health hazardous substance like lead. They pose health threats for children, pets and even elders and pregnant ladies. Apart from this, these units offer great benefits as they provide needed privacy inside the room. They block the harsh sunlight from entering the room. But these window dressings will not help in providing the right amount of insulation. There are many options to suit all the room types. Some unique styles like pearl and suede finish which can add elegance and appeal to any room. They help you to achieve fashionable look at a very cost effective price. The biggest advantage is they are easy to maintain and clean.


Blinds are available in different sizes as micro, mini, standard and macro. Vinyl micro blinds are ½ inch wide. The distance between the slats is less. This helps to have better control over the sunlight entering the room. With modern technology used to make them they do not get damaged by sun rays. This window dressing looks good on narrow windows because of the proportion effect. The leading brand for making mini blinds is Levolor, Bali, Kirsch and Hunter Douglas. They are affordable and match with most of the home décor. With all the available options you are sure to find one that will give your room an instant upgrade. These units offer your home with perfect light and privacy control without spending a fortune.