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Vinyl plantation shutters add long term value to your home

Never before has window treatment got so much of importance as now. It has become the decoration of choice for most homeowners and interior designers. Vinyl plantation shutters have been around since long and have proved, it will never go out of style. Today, due to the huge variety of designs, colors and effects on offer, these units can give any style of property a fabulous new look, whether it be modern or traditional. They are widely popular as they are durable and affordable in comparison to wood shutters. They often come with life time warranty. They have simple structure yet an attractive appearance.

Vinyl interior plantation shutters:

Vinyl interior plantation shutters offer stylish and affordable option to real wood or any other window treatment. They come in variety of colors including natural shades. They are easy to care for alternative. They are best suited for all those having small children as it is easy to clean. They are well suited for humid areas as they can handle tough environment. They are more resistant to mold and mildew. These window treatments are great alternative for those on budget as they are often priced about 40% less than real wood shutters. These units require very little maintenance. Many people like the look and aesthetic appeal it adds to the room though they are not made of real wood.

The vinyl shutters are available in limited styles and the most common is plantation type. They are produced in array of colors. Classic whites and beiges are the common options but there are bold and brilliant colors like forest green and burgundy. These units are fairly light weight and they are easy to dust and clean. Some vinyl plantation shutters are made using the material polyresin3 which is fire retardant, washable and impossible to destroy. They hold up well in all climates and do not warp, crack or peel off. Just like any other window treatment they can be custom made for your home. They add curb appeal and enhance home equity. They have gained popularity due to its three important attributes like durability, design and easy of care.

vinyl interior plantation shutters

Vinyl plantation shutters are the most popular piece of window dressing in the market today. Some of the leading manufacturers of these units are Hunter Douglas and Alcoa. Hunter Douglas shutters are very unique. Their polysatin shutters are made from UV resistant compound that are guaranteed not to chip, fade, peel or warp. They provide 99% UV protection when the louvers are closed and come in shades of whites. Their products provide classy appearance, modern comfort and only highest quality materials and finishes. You can find the most extensive collection of name brand vinyl plantation shutters at Blindsgalore, Riverwood shutters and Shades shutters blinds at lower prices and great customer service.

There is a wide choice for you to choose from great collection of vinyl plantation shutters which can be mind boggling. If you are looking out for one of these units keep your eyes open, you will be surprised at what you may find.