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Vinyl vertical blinds are sleek and cost effective

With the modern architectural designs emphasis on maximizing light and heat and create view over wide vistas they are made wider and higher for home and workplace. To cope up with this, vertical blinds also have to adapt. Vinyl vertical blinds are designed to match the increasing demand of the huge windows both in strength and size. These window treatments are cost effective and available in plethora of colors and styles. They became popular in 1980’s when most designers and home owners got attracted to its beauty and simplicity. They are versatile and fit with any décor style. These units are attractive and hence no additional draperies or layers are required to enhance them. They are functional and provide needed privacy.

Vinyl vertical blinds come in different style with variety of features such as left or right hand side controls, S- cured vanes, single control wands and texturing. If you have different shaped or too long or short window these units can also be customized. This window treatment blocks unwanted outdoor lights thus blocking sunlight during the day time and street lights during night. These units are just not popular for home use but also for office as they deliver sleek, clean lines that add to the formal look of any work place. They offer the required privacy and come in neutral colors which blend perfectly with office environment. They are strong and cost effective. Even if they are custom made they will be less expensive as compared to other products.

Vinyl vertical blinds are easy to install and durable. Their parts can be easily replaced. They are versatile units to control light and privacy as they feature tilt wands and pull chains. These blinds are made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which is available in wide array of texture, color and pattern. The important feature of these units is they can have neutral colors on the outside and the inside can have any other colors. This combination offers exciting options to decorate your home or office. Cleaning them is a breeze. You can clean them with water and mild detergent with a sponge. The blinds should be in open position to enable easy access to each slat. With little care and effort you can keep your window dressing looking new all the time. They can add flair and increase the aesthetic appeal of any room.

vinyl vertical blinds

Vinyl vertical blinds Home Depot has myriad of options from various manufacturers to meet the needs of most consumers. They offer the best with low prices. They have collection of all reputed brands like Bali which features foundation collection that showcases 10 pastel colors with basic smooth vane. The soft light collection boasts of six colors available in textured vanes that resemble crumpled fabric in six colors. The American collection offers lightly textured vane available in seven colors. They all are in the same price range with only the foundation collection being 10-15% less. Other brands include Levolor which has horizontal blind featuring curved vanes and Classic Flat blinds feature flat vanes. Some other reputed brands include Kirsch LouverDrape, Graber Cachet and Decatur. With so much choice you are sure to find a window treatment that will meet your fashion and functional requirement.