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White faux wood blinds have sophisticated designs

Window dressings are an excellent choice to add a little class and style to your home while not compromising the function and the purpose of the product. With today’s ever changing living environment where people desire a combination of classic and contemporary in their approach white faux wood blinds have endeavored to combine both traditional and modern look to match everyone’s expectation. They are one of the most versatile, practical and easy to care for window treatments. They give a perfect balance of function and form at affordable prices to give you beautiful and durable window blinds to enjoy for a long time.

White faux wood blinds bring the feel of south pacific to your home. These units are unsurpassed in both flexibility and quality with no compromise with its look. They are engineered and designed for comfort, style and providing needed privacy. These window dressings have high sustainable global design which is not just versatile but also durable. They indeed emulate the best look for your home and work place. They have all the benefits of real wood blinds and they blend in any décor. White blinds do not have problems that are normally related with real wood units which tend to fade or get damaged. They are more resilient and forgiving to water.

Bali white faux wood blinds 29X64:

Bali white faux wood blinds 29X64 are easy to install. These blinds are great looking for inexpensive price. They look expensive and bring in elegant look. These have cords for open/ close as well as up/down. They are made of 100% PVC foam. They have light filtering design which allows enough air and light to pass through and at the same time block them when needed. Cleaning these window treatments is very easy just by using a damp cloth. They can add appeal to any décor and add elegance.

bali white faux wood blinds

Faux wood 2 inch blinds in white 34x64:

Faux wood 2 blinds white 34x64 are great find for the money. They are available with inside and outside mounting options. It requires end cap pieces to hide the mounting bracket hardware. This window dressing is great to cut the heat and provide needed ventilation. They are perfect to filter the light setting perfect ambience for any room. They are cut to desired length. They can be hand washed, wiped with clean damp cloth and can be vacuumed. The dimensions are Height: 64.0 "; Width: 34.0 " and stacking dimensions include Height: 7.0 "; Width: 34.0 ".

White faux wood blinds will always remain in style and are comfortable and durable which will upgrade any room décor.