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Wood plantation shutters provide vintage look

Interior designing is a growing industry with new ideas and innovations capturing modern market. Most of us are looking for ways to improve our home décor. The manufacturers have recognized the fact that home owners are looking for new design and creations for their window dressings. Wood plantation shutters are versatile and add great elegance to your interior décor. Earlier they were only used by aristocrats as solid planks on the bottom of their glass windows. But with increasing demand these units are now more affordable and hence they adorn many homes. They are practical and aesthetically pleasing.
Wood exterior shutters are created for privacy, light control and protection against elements. They have fixed as well as operable louvers that help to allow air transfer, filter direct sunlight, protect from debris and dust, provide privacy and shed rain. These units are perfect to provide more control of light and ventilation. The main function of these window treatments is to provide protection during severe weather. Wood is the most preferred choice for these shutters as they are known to endure the outside elements. For extended life finished wood shutters are recommended. Some hardwoods types are more durable and are widely used for exterior shutters are Spanish cedar, Honduran Mahogany and Teak as they are resistant to rot and decay as they actually breathe out the moisture.

Wooden plantation shutters are popular and growing more. These units are interior shutters consisting of broad slats which are set in a solid frame and mounted within the window frame. The airflow and light can be controlled as the slats of the shutters can be adjusted. They have operable louvers which give greater control as you can independently operate the louvers from the above the divider rail from louvers below the divider rail They are best suited in hot climate areas where the room stays cool due to the flow of air and the slats keep out the unwanted heat and light. These units give protection in winter too as they block some cold. They are beautiful elements that can be added to any home. These window dressings are become highly popular with all homeowners and designers as they provide the best of both the worlds.

wood plantation shutters


Wood plantation shutters are available in two types, basswood and hardwood. The basswood shutters have grain staining properties and they are warp resistant. They have easy installation and can be painted in any color. These units are cheaper as compared to hardwood. The shutters made from hardwood are most durable, strong and have great aesthetic appeal. These units are costly and hence not suitable for all budget types.


If you are looking out for these units buying online is the best option as it saves time and are economical. Before buying be sure what type you want and how much money you want to spend. The quality of these units should be high, don’t fall into trap for websites selling them at low prices. It is always better to opt for reputed brand. If you want to physically inspect the product you can buy from any factory outlet. You can save up a little as the products are available at the manufacturing cost and not the market cost. Whatever you decide shop cautiously.